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Approved CoDA Literature 

CoDA literature is available from your local CoDA meeting. We use literature for our own understanding, as part of our recovery and for working the 12 Steps, the CoDA recovery program.

If you would like a 'Newcomers Kit' with several brochures suitable for people just starting to explore CoDA, either pick one from a local meeting or download here or contact the Sydney CoDA office.  You can also look through the Topic Group readings here;

Literature Order Forms: Complete the form, deposit in person or via internet banking and post in the form and bank receipt. Postal address and bank account details are on literature order form page 2.

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The Following CoDA Literature is Available:

Books and Workbooks

  • Co-Dependents Anonymous - This is the main CoDA text, an in depth reading on recovery, our fellowship, common questions, and personal stories from co-dependents. This is also available as a Kindle book; Click Here
  • Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook  takes the reader through the Steps & Traditions with a brief explanation followed by a series of questions. For both individual or group study. 
  • The First 14 Days - The workbook for sponsees who are being sponsored in CoDA to working the first part of the CoDA recovery program.
  • In This Moment - Daily meditations.  This is also available as a Kindle Book.  Click Here


  • Am I Co-dependent?  -  Lists patterns of codependency and includes the CoDA 12 Promises.
  • Welcome to CoDA - Includes the CoDA Welcome and Preamble.
  • What is CoDA? - Useful for health professionals.
  • Attending Meetings - Explains how CoDA meetings work and how to participate.
  • Boundaries -  What are boundaries? This pamphlet explores different types of boundaries and offers guidance for establishing and maintaining them in a healthy way.
  • Welcome Kit combines several brochures suitable for newcomers plus a specially written brochure for newcomers.
  • Sponsorship in CoDA -  An overview of the principles of sponsorship.
  • Using the Twelve Traditions.
  • Communications & Recovery -  A look at old patterns of communication & how healthier communication can be learned.
  • Starting a New Meeting.
  • Why is CoDA endorsed literature vital?

  • Peeling the Onion - Characteristics of Codependents revisited — Co-dependants look at Love, Sex, & Relationship Addiction
    and Avoidance.
  • Making Choices -  Offers guidance in recognizing how to make choices that support our recovery,it explores co-dependent and healthy behaviours
  • Newcomers Handbook -  A detailed description of the CoDA program.
  • Sponsorship Handbook -  An in-depth look at various forms of sponsorship 
  • Common Threads of Co-dependency  -  Co-dependants talk about codependency, recovery, relapse and authenticity.
  • Experiences with Crosstalk -  Experience, strength, and hope on what crosstalk is and how some members deal with it.
  • Tools of Recovery -  Members share experience, strength & hope with different tools useful in their recovery.
  • Affirmation Booklet - A collection of positive affirmations for recovering codependents in pocket size. 
  • Carrying the Message - Living the Twelfth Step, practical examples of healthy service work essential to the continuation of any meeting and to CoDA as a whole. How to say “yes” to service work

Other Items

  • New Meeting Starter Kit - for new groups
  • Brochure for Health Professionals - information on CoDA for health professionals
  • Public Information Pack - posters set suitable for publicising your CoDA meeting