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CoDA Meetings

A major part of recovery in any 12 step program is attending meetings.  At meetings members are able to share their experiences, thoughts, feelings and recovery with the group.  There is never any obligation to share if you do not wish to.  

Being able to speak and be heard without interruption or comment is a powerful healing experience for many people - as is listening to others in the same way.

All meetings begin with an introduction which usually includes the Twelve Steps and Traditions, a welcome to newcomers, and an explanation of the format that the meeting will take. There may be a speaker or a reading of a Step or a Topic. 

The meeting is then open for people to share their experiences, feelings and recovery with the group. There is no obligation to share if you do not wish to, whether you are a newcomer or a long-established member.

Each meeting usually incorporates a collection to cover the expenses of the group (eg hire of the meeting room) but CoDA is non-profit making. After the meeting, newcomers who would like more information can use this time to have their questions answered by more established members.

There is no need to register or book to attend any of these meetings, just arrive a few minutes before the meeting starts.

A meeting's duration, contact and location details are included on each meeting's listing.

The New Meetings page lists all meetings about to start and also contact details of those wishing to start new groups.  It is worth checking this page regularly for new meetings in your area.

In the unlikely case that you find a meeting is not running, or have any other difficulty finding a meeting please call or text the CoDA National Service Office on  0417 995 111 or email: [email protected]. .