CoDA Australasia

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Service Opportunities

Service in CoDA

CoDA relies on the voluntary service of members.  Service is a valuable tool in our recovery process, this can be simple things like taking the tea or literature position in your local group, sponsoring or co-sponsoring or contributing to the CoDA National Service office as it carries the CoDA message to those who still suffer.

It is suggested that newcomers start doing service once they are attending regular meetings.

There are opportunities for service in the CoDA Australasian Service office click here  to find out more.  Some positions can be filled by members outside Sydney.  If you feel ready to support your Fellowship and your recovery through service then please contact the CoDA Office on (+61) 0417 995 111.

Starting a meeting.  It is possible to start a meeting in your local area.  All is needed is a second person and commitment to support the group for the first 6 months as it finds it feet.  Intergroup can help in various ways. Please feel free to make contact. New meeting kits available here,

The Australian CoDA Newsletter is currently looking for members who would like to serve on the Editorial Committee. Please contact the CoDA Service Office if you would like to get involved.

I Know Someone Else Who I Think Needs CoDA?

Part of our Twelfth Step is to try to carry the message of recovery to other Co-dependants. 

  • First you may want to share your own experience, strength and hope. Share your story about what your codependency was like and how CoDA has helped. 
  • Second, you may want to share information about what is CoDA and where to find a meeting. You can refer the person to this website or give them a copy of the pamphlet “Am I Codependent?” or “What is CoDA?” or even offer to take them to your CoDA meeting so they can see what it’s like. 
  • Third, after you have shared your story and offered information, then let it go.  Our First Step reminds us that we are powerless over others. We can’t make someone else try CoDA no matter how badly they may seem to us to need it.  If you find that your sense of serenity and well-being is shaken, that you are obsessed with this other person’s codependency, then your own codependency is being triggered and that won’t be fixed by trying to get someone else into CoDA.  Try working Steps One through Four on the situation then call your sponsor or someone you trust in the program and do a Step Five.  You may find your own recovery growing deeper through all this, and that is the greatest Twelfth Step message we can have.